Starting my day off right

I started today by going out on my deck and filling my bird feeder and putting some food out for the squirrels. I really enjoy watching the wide variety of birds that come to eat at the feeder. For a while, all I was doing was feeding the birds. Then, after having the squirrels destroying the… Read More »

Road blocks to learning

  In my experience, the number one roadblock to learning is “I know”. It is impossible to pour water into a cup that is already full. When I take the position of knowing how to do something or knowing what I need to do to accomplish something, it is impossible to learn new, better, or additional… Read More »

A fantastic start to the new year

Hello friends! Once again, I must apologize for taking so long to write a new post and approving comments. Since the beginning of the year I have been quite busy moving and dealing with my web design business setup. Sometimes life gives me so many blessings so quickly that they consume my time and energy,… Read More »

Ready for the new year?

Hello my friends! Its almost the new year, and I am so excited about what the coming year has in store for me. The end of 2014 has presented me with opportunities for personal and professional growth and positive change that have my head going in overdrive! I am getting ready to move to a… Read More »

Life gets busy!

Sometimes life can get so busy that it’s hard to get every thing done! Hello my friends. It has been a little while since I was able to add a new post here. I have been looking for a new home and getting ready to get my web design business up and officially running. There… Read More »

Thanks for all the wonderful comments…(no spam please)

I want to thank all of you that have written wonderful comments about my posts. I write from my heart and always hope that my words will help someone out there. If you ever have questions or have beneficial comments, I am glad to receive them and post them. BUT…………………….. At the same time I… Read More »

Moving forward

Hello again my friend. I’m glad you have come to my blog today. I want to share a little about the progress I am making in life and hopefully share a little encouragement. Yesterday I celebrated another year of life on this wonderful ball we call the earth. I find that as each year passes… Read More »

A thought for the day – The silver lining

Hello again my friends! The weather is getting colder and there have been several rainy, cloudy, gloomy days lately. Yesterday was one of those days. Since I often use public transportation, aka: The Bus!, I try to find a way to use the time to accomplish something instead of just sitting there. Yesterday I had… Read More »

Time for change

Hello my friends! I have heard that the only thing constant in life is change. And for me, it is time for a change in my personal address. Yes, it is time for me to move. I have been looking for a new apartment for the last few months, and I hope that the one… Read More »

An invitation

Hello friends! I want to reach out to you as my reader. Although I have many thoughts and have studied many forms of inspiration and personal development, I am not always sure how I can be of optimum service to you. I have posted several articles and links to lots of resources on my personal… Read More »